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Monthly Lunch 201711th May, 2017

Students are given the concept of healthy diet and manners of eating in the light of Islam. On a periodic/monthly basis, free lunch is offered where these learnings are put into practice.

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Dated: 24th May 2020

Dated: 18th Apr 2020, the parent organisation of the school, is distributing #ReliefPackage to the families of students. Ration packs are sufficient in quantity for the blessed month of #Ramadan & to help families during the #CoronaPandemic

Dated: 28th Feb 2020

#كورونا وائرس سے متعلق کچھ ضروری اور مستند معلومات۔ اچھی روک تھام اور دعائیں ان شاء اللہ ہر ایک کو محفوظ رہنے میں مدد کریں گی!
#CoronaVirusUpdates #MedicalFacts #HealthyLiving

Dated: 12th Jan 2020

School will inshaAllah be open tomorrow as confirmed by the Education Minister @DrMuradPTI

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