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School Trip 2018

School planned a trip to Taxila Museum, SIRKAP Remains & Khanpur Dam for the students of seniors classes. Social studies & history teachers were guided and educated the students accordingly.

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Annual Day 2018

At the close of the Academic Year 2017-18, the Annual Day function was held to demonstrate the skills of the students

Anchoring - ARecitationAnchoring - BPrincipal's Speech

Funfair (Meena Bazaar) 2018

After delay of few weeks the Funfair (Meena Bazaar) was finally organized. As always it was enjoyed by everyone Alhamdulillah.

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Qiraat Competition 2018

Husn-e-Qiraat & Debate competition was held between different classes of the school. The passion and confidence of the students was appreciated by the guests.

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Funfair (Meena Bazaar) 2016

Funfair (Meena Bazaar) was organized with the help of Teachers, Staff & Volunteers of Mishkat Welfare Trust. Female families members were the main guests for the event and Alhamdulillah all enjoyed.

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