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School trip was arranged for senior classes to educate themselves about the beautiful nature, a gift of Allah. Pakistan Museum of Natural History is a very good place to give this awareness to the students. Later the students were taken to Rose and Jasmine Garden also in Islamabad

School trip of senior classes to Golra Railway Museum and Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Meena Bazaar was arranged for the students and their families to enjoy.

School trip was arrange for senior classes to visit Rohtas Fort near Jhelum. An almost 475 year old fortress built by Sher Shah Suri.

Olives School joined hands with the rest of Pakistan to show our solidarity and commitment for Kashmir. Students of Class 3 and on wards along with the Teachers participated in the solidarity stand.

Memorizes of Annual Day 2018-19

Videos of Annual Day 2018-19

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Video of the School trip to Khewra Salt Mines

School trip was arranged to educate students about the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan

The strength of Islah, the teachers share their views and experiences.

Parents of Islah School share their experience and feedback.

Watch what the students of Islah have to say about their experiences.

Videos of Annual Day 2017-18

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School planned a trip to Taxila Museum, SIRKAP Remains & Khanpur Dam for the students of seniors classes. Social studies & history teachers were guided and educated the students accordingly.

At the close of the Academic Year 2017-18, the Annual Day function was held to demonstrate the skills of the students

After delay of few weeks the Funfair (Meena Bazaar) was finally organized. As always it was enjoyed by everyone Alhamdulillah.

Husn-e-Qiraat & Debate competition was held between different classes of the school. The passion and confidence of the students was appreciated by the guests.

Funfair (Meena Bazaar) was organized with the help of Teachers, Staff & Volunteers of Mishkat Welfare Trust. Female families members were the main guests for the event and Alhamdulillah all enjoyed.